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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fashion Startup? #FSmx

Fashion Startup is a community that integrates designers, entrepreneurs, businessmen, academia and government to establish business relationships, share ideas and expand their networks. We do monthly meetings, where we enrich ourselves with some topic, we listen to pitches from people who are succeeding and most importantly, we have room for networking.


Do the meetings have a cost?

No, the events are free. Its access is by invitation, if you want to register to attend you must first choose the city and register. If you did not manage to register or want to bring a guest, they can arrive early to the event and register at the event venue.


How long is the meeting?

The meetings last approximately 2 hours, which are divided into welcome, speaker's talk, pitch, announcements of upcoming events and networking.


How can I pitch?

We would love for you to participate with us! Send an email to with your name, the name of your project, the city in which you would like to participate and a brief description, we will contact you shortly.


Where do you hold the meetings?

In each edition we change our headquarters, always seeking to stay in the places with the highest trends. At the moment we do them in Guadalajara once a month, in Mexico City every two months, in Cancun and Puebla every three months. If you would like there to be an event in your city, do not hesitate to write to us.


When are the meetings?

We recommend you register and the invitations of the city you have selected will be arriving to the mail, since the dates may vary.


Who can attend?

Those who are part of the fashion industry are welcome.


Where do I sign up?

Online registration will facilitate your access to the event, find the link to the closest event on our home page or on Facebook.


What is Fashion Startup Lab? #FSLab

We are an incubator for fashion businesses. We formed a program to facilitate the emergence of startups or businesses by providing assistance for new companies to survive and grow during their takeoff stage.


Can I take the online course?

Of course! Looking for the comfort of the entrepreneur, you can take the sessions and mentoring online.


What do I need to enter #FSLab?

You just need to have a business idea that you want to land / materialize, want to learn and register at the link on our home page.


What is the cost of #FSLab?

The cost varies according to the duration of the call. We recommend registering your project as soon as possible, because scholarships will be awarded to the best projects, we also have alliances with funding sources and we are available to answer any questions that may arise in this regard.


Who teaches the workshops?

Industry leaders, specialized in one part of the fashion value chain. Register your project and the complete program will be arriving.


What are travel experiences?

Personalized trips for members of the Fashion industry like you, in search of growth, inspiration, learning and new photos to fill our CV with unforgettable experiences.


What are the payment methods?

We receive your payment in cash, paypal, bank transfer, contact us to choose the best option.

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